April 13, 2012

Making lists and getting headaches!

One dominant feature of this blog will be to make a definitive anthology of lists spanning the history of the two divine games, encompassing the pantheon of greats from all of time and space.

One thing you quickly learn - Making definitive lists gives you big, splitting headaches! Not only does one have to carefully decide the methodology to use, and how to balance talent and achievements, the most important thing is to lower personal bias. I can't claim to do so perfectly, and in fact there is probably a lot of bias here. My response - SO WHAT? I love my opinion, and have great respect for it. And it's not like I am ever going to rank Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Garrincha.

It's not as easy as it looks!

So there you have it. My methods, my bias, my opinion. I will make sure, though, that everyone gets a piece of the pie. It's time for a new generation to make their lists, and let the dust fly off the history pages.

You all are welcome to comment, and share your own lists. I will be honored.


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